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What does my kid need to make it in a fast-changing world? Here are the 7essential life skills every child needs and what parents can do to encourage them.


Boyfriend losing interest? Girlfriend doesn’t hear a word you say? Good listening is the key to healthy, happy relationships. Learn the 4 basic rules…


Is it time to talk about who’s getting Grandma china? How to start the conversation about inheritance issues…


Ever notice how often the right questions don’t get asked? Seven steps to asking better, smarter questions.


Worried about falling? Here’s how to improve your balance…

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The Work & Family Life newsletter provides information and practical solutions to the daily challenges we all face-whether we’re older or younger, singles, couples, with and without children.

Articles each month focus on issues in parenting, elder care, the workplace, health and wellness. We highlight interesting new research and recommend books and a variety of online resources.

We promise to not waste your time. Our style is direct and to the point-with upbeat tips for how to make things happen.

For companies and organizations, the newsletter can help you to attract and retain the best workers, increase employee engagement, lower health-care costs, reduce absenteeism, and promote your employer brand.

For individuals, we’re a resource you can trust. With Work & Family Life, you’ll learn about issues you weren’t aware of-things you didn’t know you needed to know. We’ll help you in your ongoing search for a better fit between your work and family life.

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