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What does my kid need to make it in a fast-changing world? Here are the 7essential life skills every child needs and what parents can do to encourage them.


Boyfriend losing interest? Girlfriend doesn’t hear a word you say? Good listening is the key to healthy, happy relationships. Learn the 4 basic rules…


Is it time to talk about who’s getting Grandma china? How to start the conversation about inheritance issues…


Ever notice how often the right questions don’t get asked? Seven steps to asking better, smarter questions.


Worried about falling? Here’s how to improve your balance…

What We Write About

Front Page Features

* Under one roof…all grown up and (re)learning to live together happily

* Get good at friendship first…and other secrets of a successful marriage

* Real differences between boys and girls are less than you might think

* 7 essential life skills every child needs and how parents can encourage them

* A de-stress kit for the changing times

* The childhood roots of adult happiness


* Helping kids navigate in a media-driven world

* Going back to work after you have a baby

* What a difference an involved dad makes

* When college students come home for the holidays

* Secrets to a successful stepfamily

* Getting a handle on homework hassles

* Creativity is a gift that can be taught

On the Job

* 7 steps to asking better, smarter questions

* Top tips to beat the procrastination problem

* Telling your boss about a personal problem

* I know we’ve met, but I’m so bad with names…

* Disarming difficult personalities at work

* How to take the sting out of criticism

Elder Issues

* Mom’s clutter is starting to look like hoarding

* Picking an attorney with a specialty in elder law

* Sharing elder care responsibilities with siblings

* Tips for long-distance caregiving

* What to say to kids when grandparents are ill

* When the diagnosis is Alzheimer’s disease

* Tips online for more affordable senior travel

A Healthy You

* Ways to boost your “non-exercise activity”

* To overcome portion distortion, picture this

* Can aerobics make you smarter?

* Checking out doctor’s credentials online

* Tips for lighter, healthier eating

* How to improve your sense of balance

Research Review

* Why we make bad choices about food

* Girls in sports benefit now and later too

* Studies link TV watching and walking less

* Yes, it’s true…”family time” has grown

* Sobering new studies on cyberbullying

* What’s wrong with spanking kids

* Big changes in workplace role of American women

Questions from Readers

* Young kids ‘do science’ every day

* Beware of work-at-home offers on the Web

* Too much emphasis on testing kids?

* Going overboard with baby’s holiday gifts

* Should I let my boss know what’s really going on?

We Recommend

* Mind in the Making by Ellen Galinsky

* Under One Roof by Susan Newman, Ph.D.

* Crazy Busy by Edward Hallowell, M.D.

* Free-Range Kids by Lenore Skenazy

* The Middle School Years by Joe Bruzzese

* The Art of Connecting by Claire Raines and Lara Ewing

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