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Work & Family Life is a monthly newsletter with information and practical solutions to a wide range of family, job and wellness issues.

Our mission is to help our readers reduce their stress and find more pleasure and satisfaction in their many roles at home, at work and in their communites.

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In a world of information overload…


The Work & Family Life newsletter cuts through the clutter with practical solutions and information—about parenting, elder care, the workplace, wellness and work-life balance.


Our content is fresh, lively and always helpful. We bring you the best authors in their fields, fascinating research from around the world, and the latest online resources.


We know what you care about: your family and friends, your work, your quality of life. We promise to not waste your time. We’ll do the legwork, cull the most important information, and present it directly and to the point.


For companies and organizations. Work & Family Life works for you too. Giving it to your employees every month can help you to balancingattract and retain workers, increase employee engagement, contain health-care costs, lower absenteeism, and promote your employer brand.

Finding pleasure in our many roles at
work, at home, and in our communities.
“Knowledge is power and my secret weapon is Work
& Family Life!”
“I wear many hats and must stay on top of issues that relate to parents and children. I love Work
& Family Life
because the topics are timely, the articles well-edited, and the sources excellent. And if you recommend a book, I buy it. Thank you!”
Leslie Baird, Director
Oregon Ballet School
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